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The ship of Theseus is a thought experiment that goes something like this: You have a ship, and as the wood degrades overtime, parts of this ship are replaced piece by piece. Once each piece of the ship has been replaced, do we still have the original? If not, then at which point does the ship lose its identity as the original ship?

Let’s examine the blockchain called Ethereum. The Ethereum blockchain is composed of code. In 2016, the code was “forked”, basically copied and modified to address a vulnerability. Philosophically, one would expect the original code would remain as Ethereum, and the new code would be something else. However, the community consensus was that the new code is Ethereum and the original code was renamed to Ethereum Classic.

The ship of Theseus is applicable to corporations and organizations too. If the executives, teams and product/service lines are all replaced, such that of companies like 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, IBM, etc., do we still have the original organization? And does it even matter?

Regardless of where you are with your organization’s changes, progress or evolution, PR Distribution™ is here to help you grow and succeed with our very own ship of Theseus—our powerful global press release distribution network that’s constantly innovating, evolving and improving.

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